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Welcome to the Cordless Revolution

Welcome to the Cordless Revolution

Quiet, light and affordable. These three words have become synonymous with battery garden equipment in recent years. While older electric garden tools had you tethered to restrictive cables, these new cordless machines manage to be compact and powerful without a cord to hold you back. Battery equipment has been selling rapidly in recent years with many homeowners and commercial gardeners being impressed by the performance and quality of battery equipment.

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One of the major advantages of battery equipment is its quiet operation. This means you can mow, trim and blow at any time of the day or night without fear of upsetting the neighbours. This is especially useful in built up areas or around schools and hospitals where low noise is essential. Moreover, battery technology has been rapidly improving over recent years with many tools now capable of an hour or more of continuous use. This offers plenty of cutting time for small or medium sized lawns, hedges and cleanup operations. Mowers such as the STIHL RMA 443 TC offer a slot for an additional battery to be stored. Meaning you can simply swap the batteries when the power runs low. What's more, systems from STIHL and Stiga/Mountfield offer one battery which can power all the cordless devices in their range. This means you can buy one battery and charger and use it for all of your gardening needs.

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Noise reduction is just one benefit of battery technology. For any environmentalists out there, the lack of fumes and use of fossil fuels means you can work away without worrying about increasing the size of your carbon footprint. What's more with Viking's battery-powered iMow robotic lawnmower you can get a machine to do all the grass cutting for you. Capable of mowing at any time of the day (or night) the iMow takes all the stress out of mowing. It's advanced technology features a rain sensor ensuring it doesn't damage itself (or your lawn) during heavy rain.

It's not just for the domestic market either. STIHL are committed to a battery powered future and the AP300 battery combined with the Lithium Ion Pro range of STIHL machines can keep up with the demands of the commercial market. We recently provided Fortnightly Garden Maintenance with a demo Viking MA339C cordless battery lawnmower. He was impressed by the longevity of the battery and the power the mower offered. We also have a full Pro Range demo kit which we send out to commercial customers. This allows them to try before they buy and experience the benefits of cordless power first-hand.

Battery equipment also offers peace of mind from expensive maintenance and alleviates worries about dirty fuel and incorrectly mixed two-stroke. Just plug in the battery and go. Your machines are always ready to work when you are.

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