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Spring into Action: Caring for your Lawn

With forecasters predicting the coldest Spring in 39 years your lawn may not be looking its best this year. Fortunately we are able to offer some helpful advice to keep your lawn growing strong even during April snow.

As the most trampled, sat on and well-used part of your garden. Whether it's being used as a play area for children or pets or as a decorative lawn. You'll want to make sure air is reaching the soil beneath your grass. Aerating is simply punching holes (roughly three inches deep) in your lawn. This ensures air can reach into the soil (and roots) encouraging stronger grass and growth. So now you know what aerating is; how do you do it?

While some people use manual aerators you simply push into the ground like a fork. There are a number of easier methods which can yield excellent results with far less physical effort. For owners of garden tractors you can buy an aerator (or dethatcher) from a company such as Agri-Fab which can be towed behind your machine.

When there is a large amount of moss and thatch in your lawn, dethatching is an option. This is the process of pulling old roots and compacted material out of your lawn. Which can be done in two ways. Either with a tine dethatcher, which pulls moss and thatch to the surface and out of the ground allowing new, stronger growth to develop. Scarifiers work in a similar way with rotating blades pulling the moss and thatch from the lawn. While this process can be extremely effective it is stressful on the grass and should only be done in cases of heavy thatch and moss.

While collection mowers are the most common kind, mulching is a great and easy way to reinvigorate your lawn. Rather than collecting grass a mulching mower finely chops the blades and spreads them on the grass. These fine clippings act as a natural fertiliser which brings much needed nutrients back to the soil. This encourages grass growth and ensures your lawn becomes strong and healthy. Many modern mowers offer the ability to collect or mulch your grass. Many Mountfield lawnmowers include a mulch plug which allows you to plug the grass collector and turn your mower into a mulching mower. However, if you only want to mulch, brands such as Stiga sell high-quality machines that will give you years of mulching.

Like any plant, grass benefits from being properly watered and fertilised. During periods of extended dry weather, watering the grass will ensure it remains strong and healthy without wilting. Just make sure not to over-saturate your lawn as this can create damp, boggy conditions. While mulching is a great way to naturally fertilise your lawn during the autumn and winter months you won't be able to fertilise with grass clippings. This is where natural fertiliser can be extremely valuable.

Following these tips are a great way to keep your lawn looking fresh and growing strong this year.

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