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Preparing your Garden in the Autumn

Here are 6 things we at Fraser C Robb think that will set your Autumn garden up for the Winter and looking to next years Springtime

1. Scrub off shade paint from the Greenhouse Glass

As dark nights are just round the corner , make the most of the available light during the day by scrubbing the white shade paint from your greenhouse windows. This lets more
of the sun's rays through the glass, helping autumn and winter temperatures climb that little bit higher. This will create some savings on heating in the greenhouse.The windows can be cleaned by a bucket of hot water and some suds.

2. Autumn clean

Remove everything from your greenhouse, sweep out plant debris,pots, and disinfect all the interior. This can include glass. A hot Jeyes solution Fluid will help to prevent pests and fungal infection. Then ventilate the greenhouse to allow a proper drying out.

3. Tidy up borders of your Garden

To ensure that your garden is vibrant next spring, dig up annuals and plant your beds with pansies, bellis daisies and wallflowers. Cut back faded perennials to just above ground level,
but don't be too tidy, Leave some seed heads for the gardens insect life. Also add some compost to the soil. Seaweed is an excellent source of nutrition.

4.Autumn Lawn Health Check
Remove thatch and moss from the lawn with a rake using a spring-tined rake and add it to the compost bin. If you have lots of moss, you may want to use a moss killer on your lawn first. After de-mossing a sandy top dressing .
Also spiking the lawn is a very good move to allow air into the lawn .This is a big help in promoting lawn health and drainage.Improve drainage and aeration around paths and play areas by making deep holes with the prongs of a garden fork at 10 cm intervals. Autumn is a great time to lay new turf too, giving it plenty of time to establish before next summer.

5. Plant evergreens

Plant glossy evergreens like Fatsia japonica for interest throughout the winter months.

Evergreens provide structure and interest during the drab months of winter. Warm soil and cooler air temperatures make autumn the perfect time to fill gaps in your borders with evergreens like sarcococca and daphne which provide glossy, green leaves and beautifully fragrant flowers even in the depths of winter.

For an elegant larger shrub, try spring flowering camellias, or fatsia for its large architectural foliage.

6. Maintain garden equipment

Before you store your lawn mower at the back of the shed for the winter, it's well worth sending it for a service to ensure that it's in perfect condition when you need it next spring.

Also Shears and secateurs will need a sharpening – do this yourself or send them away if you prefer – while spades, forks, etc will need a good wash. Then Dry everything thoroughly and oil metal parts to prevent rust.

In conclusion
Now your autumn garden is clean, tidy and ready for winter. Not only will the view from your house be so much more pleasant, you'll have a head start when spring arrives and it's time
to get back into the garden again.

Clearing the LeavesClearing the Leaves

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