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Preparing Your Garden for Autumn

Clearing LeavesClearing Leaves

Look Round the Garden
Take a walk around the garden ,examining it with care and take notes. Look at the soil texture , assess overgrown plants that need to be divided, note down which bulbs need to be removed before winter etc

Add Soil Amendments
Autumn is the best time to add soil fertiliser ,such as slow release fertilisers which can enhance soil quality throughout the winter months.Once you have added the fertilisers
turn them into the soil using a gardening fork-chemical fertilizers work for feeding the plant directly, organic fertilizer works by enriching the soil.
Compost releases nutrients slowly into the soil so work them into the soil in Autumn and you will reduce the number of gardening chores you have to perform in spring.

Apply Weed Killer on the Lawn
Most gardeners recommend that weed killer be applied twice on the lawn each year,products such as feed and weed. Autumn time you need to apply weed killer to get rid of the seeds that have landed in the summer,meaning the emergence of fewer weeds in the spring when the lawn revives.If you have pets be careful how you distribute the poison. You may want to keep them inside your home for a couple or hours to allow the weed killer to penetrate the weeds before you allow your dog back on the lawn.

Collect Leaves
By tidying up the fallen leaves they provide you the opportunity to gather a compost.
By composting leaves is an excellent way to give your compost and your garden a boost.

Empty the water Barrel
If you have been collecting rain water in a barrel for your gardening needs, you need to drain it completely before the onset of the first frost.Drain,and clean it after removing pipes and tubes. This will reduce the chances of damaging it by frozen water.

Remove Mulch from Stems and Trunks
As you go around your garden doing your examination remove mulch from stems and trunks of trees and perennial shrubs. This prevents the formation of mold or mildew as there is no moisture trap on the shrubs.

Examine Perennials
Examine all the perennials in your garden for signs of disease. Look for spotted leaves or rotting stems and either apply treatment,
prune, or remove the plant before the disease spreads to healthy plants in the vicinity.Also check trees for loose branches.

In conclusion
Preparing your garden in the Autumn can help you have a better garden in spring and summer. Many of the fall garden chores will ensure that the soil is healthy and
ready for spring planting.

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