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Having a Lawn with Stripes

Stripes on your lawnStripes on your lawn

You will no doubt have asked yourself ,can I have a lawn with nice contrasting stripes .

The answer is off course you can.But it takes patience and a really straight eye.

Here are our pointers so you can earn your own stripes.

So what kind of mower do I need to create the stripes.

Basically standard rotary mowers which are of the low cost variety are no good for lawn striping.In summary you need a mower with a roller on the back of it.
And the width of the roller will be the width of your stripes.It is important too to have a grass box on the mower so to collect clippings.

So the next step is to create the stripes into my lawn?

Check the fuel levels on your mower and that the blades are nice and sharp. Check the blade height so that you're cutting off around a 1/3 of the leaf blade
and no more.

For the edges of lawn eg; around trees or corners, a grass strimmer will reach these difficult spots. Always befoe you start mpwing ,remember to pick up any debris-
such as twigs, leaves, toys etc and remove garden furniture from the lawn so that you can get a clear run ,and avoid having to start and stop.

To begin the process ,start by mowing around the edge of the lawn for a couple of rounds. This will give you space to turn at each end of the lawn.

Decide which way you want your stripes to run on your lawn ,across or up and down.

  • You should look to pick a point in the distance and focus on it ,eg a gate or tree .Fix your focus on this point and don't move your focus -
  • walk towards that point. You should mow a nice straight line.
  • Once you have reched the edge turn around on the edge of the lawn and overlap the mower slightly with the stripe you've just mown.
  • Head back but remember to walk slightly to one side of the mower so that you're feet are on the edge of the stripe you've just mown.This makes keeping straight lines easier.
  • It is this simple .Repeat until you've finished the whole lawn .Tidy up around the edges with a strimmer or garden shears.And voila.
  • Clean your mower before putting it baxk into shed for next time .
  • Job done and enjoy ,you have indeed earned your stripes.

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