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Go Eco With Fraser C. Robb

As the environment continues to dominate headlines and public concern, many people and businesses are looking at ways to make themselves more environmentally friendly. Whether it's moving from traditional fossil fuelled machines to electric alternatives. Or trying to move away from using harsh and harmful chemicals, Fraser C. Robb are here to help our customers achieve their environmental goals with our wide and diverse product range.

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Our new partnership with Weedingtech to deliver the Foamstream range of products to Scotland. Taking on the Foamstream product is an important part of our continued commitment to adopt new technologies and encourage more environmentally friendly options to our customers.

Foamstream offers an alternative to glyphosate-based weed killing methods. Rather than relying on burning, poisoning or manually removing weeds. Foamstream kills weeds by covering them with hot water which is then insulated with a natural, herbicide-free foam. The foam keeps the water temperature in the 'kill zone' purging weeds down to the roots and killing them.

What's more the herbicide-free nature of the foam means it can be used virtually anywhere. It is non-toxic and does no damage to its surroundings.

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Fraser C. Robb has been selling a wide range of Kersten machines for a number of years. The Weedo acts as a useful alternative to chemical weed control. The powerful brush is capable of removing all kinds of weeds, moss and unwanted plant growth on a number of surfaces.

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While most of the Avant range is available in traditional fossil-fuel powered models. They have not ignored the move towards emission-free and environmentally friendly options. The Avant E Series offers much of the power and capability of the 500 Series diesel machine but operates at much lower noise and with no tailpipe emissions.

The Avant E Series proves that powerful and practical machines are ready for the transition to battery. As time goes by these machines are only going to become more practical and capable.

One company which has been quick to embrace the move to cordless has been Allett Mowers. Allett has been manufacturing cylinder mowers for decades. Their petrol machines are a common sight on golf courses, sports pitches and gardens all over the world. With such a proud heritage and wide range of petrol machines, it may come as a surprise that Allett will cease manufacture of all their petrol machines by 2025!

Fortunately, Allett has been working hard on building out their range of cordless mowers. With the domestic Liberty line and the powerful commercial grade C34E and Uplift 86E Allett are already delivering powerful and practical solutions to the ground care market. Fraser C. Robb has been a proud Allett dealer for a number of years. In 2019, we delivered the first Allett C34E battery cylinder mower in Scotland to Glasgow University

As a proud STIHL dealer, their cordless range of products are heavily promoted in our showroom. With a cordless machine for just about every budget or requirement STIHL have continued to demonstrate their commitment to developing powerful cordless machines which rival the petrol models the brand is famous for. 2020 was a challenging year for many, but it was also the year we saw a large number of our domestic and commercial customers make the change over to cordless.

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Fraser C. Robb has always tried to provide the best options available to our customers. Our commitment to quality brands is well-known. As we move forward into a more environmentally-conscious time, we are excited to see what great options we can bring to our customers.

As councils, commercial customers and consumers alike become more environmentally aware and actively seek out cleaner, greener and safer alternatives to traditional products and practices we are always happy to help, aiming to provide quality service from quality people.

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