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Fixing a Waterlogged Lawn

Appearance of the LawnTo work out whether waterlogging is an issue your a lawn, look out for the following:

The lawn is squelchy and sticky to walk on A sticky, glue-like layer of puddled soil may form near the surface, which is made worse by walking on the lawn.

Example of a waterlogged lawnExample of a waterlogged lawn

There are a number of reasons if your lawn is waterlogged

Water logged lawns occur when water sits on the soil surface and drains slowly, or in some extreme cases fails to drain at all. Roots of the grass eventually drown as the water excludes air from the soil.

Poor preparation of the soil before turfing or seeding of new lawns can also lead to poor drainage and waterlogging.

Waterlogging is more likely to be a problem on claysoils, or soils that are heavily compacted
It is important not to walk on wet lawns as it compacts the soil and worsens the issue .
Forking Your Lawn
Forking the surface can improve a aterlogged lawn.
If your lawn is prone to waterlogging, spike it every few years in autumn. This will prevent the need for emergency action after wet winters.

Keep lawns healthy
Applying fertiliser such as bonemeal in springtime will help the grass to recover from any winter damage.Fertiliser will lead to grow more extensive root systems that are better able to deal with flooding.
Feeding in autumn also with a lawn feed, promotes root growth
Wet soils and dead patches allow mosses to thrive in the lawn over winter. Remove these with a proprietarymoss killerto allow the lawn to thrive

Clay Soil Drainage
Heavy, ill-drained soils that are rich in clay do not allow water to drain away. Where there is somewhere for water to go (a ditch, drain or soakaway, for example),drainage systems can be installed.Here is the process for the creation of drainage for your lawn

Herring Bone LawnHerring Bone Lawn

How to instal a French Drain orHerring bone drain

Mark out and dig the main trench from the highest part of the lawn, to the lowest part.

Connect to a Soak away, Sump, or Surface water drain.( must be at lowest part of drain ,alternatively if the lawn is flat slope the drain to an area where the water can soak away )

Then mark and dig out the side trenches to connect to the main drain, forming a herringbone pattern.

The side drains join the main drain at a 45 degrees angle and are spaced at 6/10 ft intervals .

Fill the drains with wrapped gravel. Liine the trench with A heavy duty landscape fabric, for sale in the drainage shop, to keep earth out of the gravel and allow water to percolate freely through the gravel, then shovel coarse gravel onto the landscape fabric and wrap the fabric over the top of the gravel.

Fabric and Gravel Fabric and Gravel

Next loosely shovel three or four inches of topsoil back into the trenches, slightly overfilling to allow for settling and making sure not to compact the soil.

The drain will work immediately on rainfall but the real effect to your lawn and the drainage will be seen over time so you have a lawn you can enjoy for years to come .

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