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Top 9 Gardening Jobs

The gardening industry blooms opportunities all across Scotland, branching out into a variety of career paths suited to different people. From sales to engineering, and advisory positions to farming, no two careers in the gardening/agriculture business are identical. Perhaps, though, you don't know what these careers are, or you simply don't know enough about them? Not to worry!

This article will take a closer look at nine careers in the gardening and agricultural industry.


All you need to know about this job is written in the heading: ââ?¬Å?gardenerââ?¬Â. This role will see you tending to a garden.

You will be expected to do everything; planting, digging, watering, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, soil cultivation, weeding. And this is by no means an extensive list of a gardener's duties. As a gardener you will be expected to carry out these tasks of your own accord, as and when they need done, touching upon a range of environmental knowledge.

Gardeners are needed in almost any facility with an outdoor area. A gardener may work anywhere from a public school to private grounds, or even within a hotel.


Farming might be portrayed as an idealistic, simple life but it is one of hard work and toil.

Many professional farmers enter the industry with some type of agricultural or horticultural degree.

Farming tends to fall into three categories: animal, dairy and crop. Some farmers will specialise in one, others in all three.

Becoming a successful farmer means having a wealth of agricultural knowledge, knowing which plants need planted where and when, and how to tend them appropriately. It means operating machinery, looking after animals and crops and knowing how to sell produce.


Sales is, in itself, a very broad role and can be applied across almost every industry.

Any job which involves the selling of something gardening-related is a sales job in the gardening industry. The particulars sold can vary greatly. Some businesses will sell plants, vegetables, fruits or trees, while others will specialise in gardening tools and agricultural equipment.

Working within the sales industry means having a keen sense of salesmanship (the level of skill with which you can persuade customers to make a purchase), knowledge of your products (gardening-related, of course) and high levels of customer service.Ã?Â

Tree Surgeon.

A Tree Surgeon, or Aboriculturalist, is concerned with the wellbeing of trees.

Tree Surgeons assess the health of trees then operate accordingly. They will remove pests, prune and remove potentially hazardous branches, as well as felling. It is not just about taking care of existing trees either, but planting new ones.

A Tree Surgeon must be fearless when it comes to heights because the majority of their work is done after climbing the tree. This means knowing how to work with ropes and harnesses, as well as a chainsaw.

Plant Nursery.

Working in a nursery for plants is similar to working in one for children. You must do your utmost tending to those under your care.

In many ways, working in a plant nursery is very similar to working as a gardener. As a grower, you will need to look after a variety of crops from their first sprout to their final flourish. This means being aware of potential threats and pests, operating in a clean workspace and giving the plants all the food and water they need. It is about regulating their temperature, maintaining the facilities in which they are stored and recording detailed information about them.

There are many reasons a plant nursery may exist. It could be for commercial flower growth or a branch of a scientific research facility.

Landscape Gardener.

A landscape gardener is the interior designer of a garden.

Clients (varying from hotels schools to the council) will hire a landscape gardener to create the optimal garden setting. After a briefing with the client, in which the landscape gardener will be told their design parameters, the creative work begins. Designing a garden means everything from plants to paths. Every single detail must be thoroughly considered.

Once plans have been made, they must be executed. Landscape gardeners are usually provided with a very modest budget, which means monetary skills cannot be overstated in importance. Not only must they consider the purchase of objects but the hiring of workers too.Ã?Â

Agronomy Advisor (among other advisory positions).

This is just one example from a multitude of advisory roles in the gardening industry.

Agronomy, specifically, is the science of using plants efficiently for food, fuel and land reclamation. It encompasses a number of fields including plant genetics, meteorology and soil science.

Being an advisor in this subject, or any (eg. Agriculture), means knowing the subject matter thoroughly. It means making split second decisions which can make or break a project, and handling the consequences. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, but these should be quickly learned from in the role of advisor.

Garden Centre.

There are many specialised garden centres around the country. Two of the most popular in Scotland are the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and the Glasgow Botanical Gardens.

Working here, or in a similar place, entails many tasks. There is the gardener side which means looking after plants, and potentially wildlife. Some garden centres contain shops which brings to the light the sales aspect. There is the maintenance of the facility as well as its use. This means organising and hosting a variety of events, such as visits from schoolchildren.

Working in a fully fledged facility usually means specialising in one of the roles above.

Safety and Training.

Operating in the gardening and agriculture industry is dangerous. Even moving around untamed countryside, such as the Trossachs area, is potentially dangerous.

A number of charities work to provide health and safety training in places with risk. This can entail putting up signs, providing information leaflets and showing people how to safely operate machinery.

One such charity who works within this sector is Trossachs Search and Rescue. Not only do they provide Search and Rescue in the Trossachs area but they give training in initiatives such as Heart Start, to local businesses (including Fraser C. Robb) and schools. This education is essential to maintaining a safe environment.


This has been an insight into some of the careers awaiting you in the gardening industry.

By Dylan Blyth.

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