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Our Manufacturers - Part 3

At Garden Lawnmowers Direct, Fraser C. Robb's online branch, we stock a variety of gardening equipment from many different brands. But how much do you really know about each of your favourite manufacturers? We have already looked at 16 different companies from our website ââ?¬â?? including Stihl, MTD, Flymo & Jonsered ââ?¬â?? in two previous articles. These can be found on the Fraser C. Robb website, and are useful for looking a little deeper at every one of our suppliers. This week will be the final article in the series, and look at another 8 of Garden Lawnmowers Direct's most popular brands.Ã?Â

Masport was founded on December 1st, 1910, in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was established by Reuben Porter, Harold Mason and Edwin Jones under the name City Engineering LTD. This name was changed in 1922 when the company won the New Zealand Power Boating Competition with a boat called ââ?¬Å?Miss Masportââ?¬Â. In 1959, Masport achieved the milestone of $1,000,000 then, only 7 years later, $2,000,000. There is no doubt that the company was, and still is, growing exponentially. In 1929, Masport developed their first lawnmower, officially marking their entrance into the gardening industry. Since then they have won Product of the Year for their Mulching Lawnmower. The company currently operates in over 40 countries worldwide, gaining 60% of its profits from overseas. Masport boasts a wide variety of equipment including lawnmowers (petrol and ride on), hedgecutters, log splitters and BBQ's, as well as much more.

Hayter began development as a company in 1938, although did not become incorporated as a limited company until 1946. Found by Douglas Hayter in Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, the company began life building workshops and saw mills. During the Second World War, Hayter focussed on the repair of tractors and other farming machinery.� Then, following the war and the boom of cheap materials, Hayter began manufacturing engines and gardening equipment. In the 1960's, Hayter was awarded the Royal Warrant for supplying machinery to the Royal Family then, in 1998, received Best Horticultural Machine of the Year for their Hayter Harrier 48, as voted for by UK-wide dealers. Currently, Hayter has a wide variety of lawnmowers available, as well as own brand clothing.

Rover is an Australian based company that has been around since before 1956. They specialise in easy-starting, push lawnmowers, although have a variety of ride-on ones available too. Among these they have other gardening equipment, and garden shredders. Although based in Australia, Rover distributes their products internationally. Rover prides themselves on the grass collecting and mulching capabilities of their lawnmowers, as well as being low in emissions.

Snapper, or Snapper Inc., was founded in Georgia, USA, in 1894. The company initially worked for the logging industry but, when this began to decline around 1940, they were bought up by William Raymond Smith, who saw a gap in the gardening industry market. In 1951, Snapper build the first self propelled rotary lawnmower. Snapper are known for selling not just numerous lawnmowers, but a number of attachments for these too, including grass bags, mulching options and dozer blades. As well as dabbling in the lawnmower market, Snapper manufacture portable generators, snow blowers and chippers. As of 2004, Snapper is owned by Briggs & Stratton, the million dollar American company and makers of engines renowned for their power.

Mountfield is owned by the parent organisation GGP (Global Gardening Products) Group, a company with over 90 years worth of gardening industry experience. Mountfield started developing their line of rotary lawnmowers in 1962, in Maidenhead. It has been over 50 years since then and their business is booming, with a huge line of lawnmowers and lawn tractors, as well as other garden care products. Mountfield have been a member of the GGP Group for more than 30 years now, along with other brands including Atco, Stiga and Castlegarden.

Sanli is a company, based in Swindon, founded in 1938. The main distributor of Sanli products in Scotland is Handy Distribution, the same company who manufacture Handy gardening equipment and lawnmowers. Sanli have over 1000 employees who operate in a 3million square foot engineering facility. They manufacture an extensive range of equipment, from lawnmowers to brush cutters and blowers. Not only does Sanli have a well earned position in the British gardening market, but their products are sold across the world.

Agri-Fab began creating lawn and garden attachments, generally for tractors, in 1975. They were quickly the leading force in the garden attachment industry, creating such products as lawn sweepers, aerators for soil and spreaders. The business has grown exponentially since its inception, doubling in size between 1980 and 1999, after having already doubled before that. Agri-Fab's 350,000 m2 manufacturing facility is located in Illinois, USA, and employs around 400 people. Not only does Agru-Fab have a strong presence within the United States, but their tractor attachments are used throughout the world. They don't just manufacture attachments though! Agri-Fab has developed their own line of lawnmowers and other gardening equipment.

Hyundai is a company known for their South Korean Automobile manufacturing. In March 2013, Hyundai Motor Companywas worth a total of $7.1 billion. Of course, Hyundai's car manufacturing is not what we will be looking at here. Hyundai has another branch called Hyundai Power Equipment, established in 2006. This is the trading name of Genpower LTD., Hyundai's UK importer. They specialise in everything from generators, to power tools and garden machinery. Hyundai have a long line of powerful lawnmowers, fitted with their specially designed Hyundai engines, making them some of the most robust on the market.

So there we have it. You are now wiser about six famous garden equipment manufacturing brands: Masport, Hayter, Rover, Snapper, Mountfield, Sanli, Agri-Fab & Hyundai. If you enjoyed this article then be sure to have a read through our previous entries, which look at all the other gardening companies which Garden Lawnmowers Direct deal in.

Now that you have some more details, next time you're shopping for your garden, you'll know which choice to make.

By Dylan Blyth.

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