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Fraser C. Robb's online garden equipment website, Garden Lawnmowers Direct, stocks a huge variety of garden tools and machinery from a multitude of companies. But how much do you really know about each of these manufacturers? This article will take you a little closer to eight of our most popular brands, and tell you more about the company behind your favourite items.

Stihl is a German based manufacturer. They are famed for their innovations in the chainsaw industry and are well known for their other gardening products, including hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. They employ more than 12,000 people and, in 2013, their profits were more than 2,814 billion Euros. In 1926, Stihl started as the one man venture of Andreas Stihl. One year later he purchased his first factory in Bad Cannstatt, Germany. With a boom in cheap materials following World War 2, Stihl continued to thrive and grow into the company we know them as today. In 1992, Stihl bought the Viking Company (which will be discussed in a future article). Stihl have had many achievements over the years. In 1934 they invented Automatic Chain Oiling and in 1964, Anti-Vibration Systems. These are simple things we take for granted. Interestingly, Stihl are the only manufacturer to make their own saw chains and guide bars.

Husqvarna is a Swedish Company, operating in more than 100 countries, with headquarters based in Huskvarna and Stockholm. In 2013 the company had over 14,000 employees and in 2014 their NET sales totalled 1.6 billion British pounds. Not only do they make a lot of money from their own brand products but they own many popular brands including McCulloch, Jonsered and Flymo. Husqvarna is an old company. If they were a grand oak tree and you used a Husqvarna chainsaw to chop them down and count the rings inside, you'd be there for years. The company was set up in 1689! They started life as a rifle factory, moving on to develop a variety of things, from sewing machines and motorcycles to lawnmowers and chainsaws. In 1995, they created the world's first ever robotic, solar powered lawnmower. Although this technology would not take off for many years, Husqvarna were leading in innovation.

Toro is an American Company which specialises in turf and landscape equipment in over 90 countries. In 2010 they were worth of 1.7 billion US dollars. Toro was founded in 1914 as the Toro Motor Company, when the business built tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company. Shortly following this Toro become known for their manufacturing of turf machinery. In 1919, they began using this equipment on golf courses. Nowadays, Toro works on a variety of different ventures. They do turf and landscaping work for golf courses, public green areas, Government Sectors, Education Sectors as well as many more. Some of their most famous clients include Hampden Park, Wimbledon, The Super Bowl Stadium and Walt Disney World Resort.

Stiga, originally called Stigma, was founded in Sweden in 1934. It is now currently owned by the Italian based GGP (Global Garden Products) Group which has more than 90 years worth of gardening experience. The GGP Group own many other well recognised brands including Mountfield and CastleGarden. Stiga manufacture a variety of gardening equipment, from front-cut ride-on lawnmowers and lawn tractors, to snow blowers and chainsaws.� Stiga contributed to lawn mower manufacturing as a whole when they invented multi-clip mulching technology.

Flymo was established in 1964 in Country Durham, England, and is currently owned by the Husqvarna AB group. The founder, Karl Dahlman, wanted to omit the back breaking labour of cutting the grass with a rear-rolling lawnmower. He wanted to build something that was lightweight, effortless to manoeuvre and simple to use. Therefore he developed the Flymo which, like a hovercraft, flew along on a cushion of air. In 1965, Dahlman made his first sale. 35 years later, in the year 2000, Flymo celebrated their millionth product sold in the UK. This was a huge milestone of the brand's success. In 1988, Flymo invented the 2-in-1 lawn trimmer and edger, an invention which was revolutionary in the wider gardening world. Ã?Â

Mitox are a company famed for their powerful log splitters. They were established in 2005, making them the most recent company on the list. While they are known for their log cutting technology they also manufacture a wide variety of other garden equipment including strimmers, brush cutters and chainsaws. In the UK alone they have over 300 approved dealers, meaning their machinery is accessible to anyone. Mitox is owned and distributed by Rochford Garden Machinery LTD.

Handy is a garden equipment manufacturer which was founded in 1938 in Swindon, England. Starting with humble beginnings in simple hardware and bottled gas, they eventually moved on to begin developing lawnmowers. Very soon afterwards they became a developer of a variety of other garden machines, from leaf blowers to garden shredders. In 1998, the Handy brand was bought by Derek and Simon Belcher. To this day, they continue to build and sell Handy garden products.

Jonsered was originally founded by William Gibson in 1832 as a Textile Mill in Sweden. 48 years later they would begin making their famed woodworking machinery. It was in 1954 when Jonsered had their true impact on the world and revolutionised the chainsaw industry. In this year, they created the first lightweight, one man chainsaw! Imagine needing two people to operate one saw in the modern day. It is unimaginable, all thanks to Jonsered.� When Jonsered went bankrupt in 1975, their chainsaw brand was bought up by Husqvarna who still continue to manufacture Jonsered chainsaws to this very day.

Now you know about eight of the brands we sell over at Garden Lawnmowers Direct: Stihl, Husqvarna, Toro, Stiga, Flymo, Mitox, Handy and Jonsered. These are just 8 of the many different brands we have available. There will be future articles which will look at the brands we didn't have time to cover in this article. Remember, you can find all these products, and more, at the Garden Lawnmowers Direct Website:


By Dylan Blyth.Ã?Â

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