Real Benefits of Aearating Lawns

Why Aerating Helps Lawns
Grass and it's roots require air, water and nutrients to grow thick and strong. When soil becomes tight and compacted, it prevents the flow of the essentials and nutrients that support thicker, healthier turf growth. For example if your lawn has a top layer of compacted soil 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick this will make a significant difference in the all round health of your lawn. This is why aerating your lawn creates holes down into the soil alleviating compaction so the air, water and nutrients can get into the roots of your lawn.

Failure to aerate your lawn will deprive it of basic needs, e.g compacted soil, lawn grasses struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and low rainfall, and lose their healthy, rich color. Grasses will gradually thin out and eventually die completely. Even irregular aerating of the lawn can be a major help to allow essentials to reach their targets and put your lawn back on track.

When Lawns Need Aeration
Lawns become compacted much easier than you think .Vehicles driven on lawns are obvious offenders, but even outdoor entertaining or yard play by kids and pets can leave all or part of your lawn compacted. Where your lawn has heavy clay soil as it's main constituent annual aeration is essential to keep your lawn from becoming damaged.

How To Aerate Your Lawn
Aerating equipment comes in several main types, from small manual machines to larger tractor-like or pull-behind machinery:

Spike aerators simply poke holes down into the soil with a solid, spike-like tine.
For larger jobs slicing aerators have rotating blades that cut or slice through grass and thatch and down into soil. Like spike aerators, slicing aerators leave soil in the ground, but they create pathways for air, water and nutrients without causing more compaction.This method preferred by lawn professionals, use rows of hollow tines that remove plugs of soil from your lawn and deposit them on top, where they break down. The size of the plugs and the holes they create vary in width and depth, depending on the machine used. You can hire aearators of this nature from Fraser C Robb.


Another ingenious method is to wear spiked aerator "sandals" strapped to their shoes. You simply walk round the lawn, aearating the soil as you go about your merry way. Another more traditional method of aeration is by using a pitch fork. It not only does the job effectively it also provides a workout for your arms.

Aerating Sandals Aerating Sandals

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