Ride-On Accessories

A range of accessories to compliment your ride on mower. From SCH products to Agri-Fab there’s a machine to suit all needs.
Our range of accessories includes aerators,carts,sprayers,tine dethatcher,
sweeper and rollers.
We have comprehensive range of ride on accessories here at Fraser C Robb in Scotland,UK.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Moss Rake Attachment

    SCH 40” Heavy Duty Moss Rake Attachment with the carrier frame fitted with the heavy duty moss rake attachment containing one row of spring tines will tease out moss and dead thatch from lawns.

  • SCH 60” Sorrel Roller Attachment

    The sorrel roller attachment fits onto the rear of the multi tool frame and is a welcome addition to SCH’s D Turf lawn care system.The sorrel roller is the perfect tool for spiking the lawn surface up to 63mm .

  • SCH PSP Power Push Sprayer

    The sprayer is mounted on a three wheel robust tray chassis. The two leading wheels are pneumatic; the rear castor wheel acts as a line marker. The pump is a 12v diaphragm pump powered from its own integral battery.

  • Agri Fab Utility Steel Cart 12 cubic ft

    This Agri-Fab 750 lb. Steel Dump Cart is a great lawn and garden trailer for getting rid of yard refuse, hauling firewood, moving sand or dumping gravel. Reinforced tailgate guides offers added strength for loading and unloading.

  • Agri Fab 36

    Hitch the Agri-Fab 45-0268 up to your lawn-tractor and breeze your way through large-scale flattening and stripe-creation applications on your lawn.

  • Agri-fab Curved Spike Aerator

    When you aerate your lawn, you are opening up the soil surface to let grass roots get the air and moisture it needs for healthy growth

  • Agri-Fab Poly Tipping Towed Garden Trailer

    The 45-0348 poly tow dump trailer has a 136kg volume capacity and has a single lever release mechanism for easy tipping. The durable poly construction is dent and rust proof and all nuts and bolts are di-chromate for extra rust resistance

  • Agri-Fab 10 cu. ft. Steel Dump Cart

    Whether the job is hauling firewood, moving sand or dumping gravel, Agri-Fab trailers will do the job safely, reliably and efficiently for years to come. The Agri-Fab 45-0303 trailer hopper is made from a powder-coated steel construction .

    £210.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Agri-Fab 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer

    Agri-Fab 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer from Agri-Fab has an impressive output of up to 40 psi / 1.4 gal (6.3-litres) per minute.

  • Agri-Fab 24” Tow Roller

    If you own a substantial lawn that needs to be covered in quick-time, then this 61cm garden-roller from Agri-Fab 24” Tow Roller should be high on your list of considerations.

  • Agri-Fab 25 Gallon Pro Sprayer

    For covering larger areas and more uneven ground, the Agri-Fab 45-0293 Pro Sprayer has a thicker 20mm steel axle and bigger 355mm x 100mm pneumatic rib-tread tyres

  • Agri-Fab 26”/65cm Push Lawn Sweeper

    The mechanised rotating brushes are ideal for sweeping up leaves and other debris from lawns, driveways, forecourts, patios and pathways! Boasting a large 200 litre collector, the Agri-Fab 26" sweeper has a brush diameter of 10" for maximum brushing .

  • Agri-Fab 40” Tow Tine Dethatcher

    The Agri-Fab 45-0294 spring tine dethatcher does a gentle job of bringing matted layers of thatch and large clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. Featuring a 40" working width, it is equipped with 20 heat-treated spring tines.

  • Agri-Fab 48” Tow Plug Aerator

    Agri-Fab 48” Tow Plug Aerator is best used in the late autumn or spring, when the moisture content of the turf is at its highest.

  • Agri-Fab 48” Tow Roller (18 diameter)

    The Agri-Fab 45-0269 lawn roller will easily pack down your newly sown seed, and flatten and even out your sod after frost or pest damage.

  • Agri-Fab 48” Tow Tine Dethatcher

    Remove excess thatch from the largest of lawn areas with the widest dethatcher from Agri-Fab,the Agri-Fab 48” Tow Tine Dethatcher.

  • Agri-Fab 8 cu. ft. 350 lb. Poly Convertible Cart

    The Agri-Fab 8 cu. ft. Poly Convertible Cart converts between a push and a universal tow cart for greater versatility. It holds up to 350 lb., making it perfect for larger jobs.

  • Agri-Fab 85 lb Tow Broadcast Spreader

    If you’ve got a tractor in your garden armoury and are looking to apply high volumes of spread-media (seed, salt, fertiliser, etc) over a substantial grassed area, then this tAgri-Fab 85 lb Tow Broadcast Spreader is for you.

  • Agri-Fab Ag45-0292 15gal Pro Towed Sprayer

    Despite its suitability for large-scale applications, The Agri-Fab 45-02924 Tow Sprayer 15 Gallon is compact enough to fit through narrow shed doors and gateways, and it offers a very low centre-of-gravity for stability during use.

  • Agri-Fab ATV Broadcast Tow Behind

    Agri-Fab ATV Broadcast Tow Behind has been designed for the thorough and efficient application of seed, fertiliser, salt and pesticides over very large areas .

  • Agri-Fab Poly ATV Trailer(10cu.ft.)

    Agri-Fab Poly ATV Trailer(10cu.ft.)

  • Agri-Fab Poly Tipping Towed Garden Trailer

    Practical and solidly built, the Agri-Fab 45-05191 sits on a set of wide-profile tyres, which not only improve traction and manoeuvrability, but also minimise the likelihood of damaging the surface when working at full capacity.

  • Agri-Fab Smart LINK 42” Plug Aerator

    If you’re looking to create a lush green lawn, then you’ll want the Agri-Fab Core Aerator. This must have lawn care attachment will penetrate deeply into the turf of your lawn allowing water to reach the actual roots of your grass .

  • Agri-Fab Smart SWEEP

    Agri-Fab Smart SWEEP Towed Leaf Sweeper is suitable for the very largest clear-up jobs!

  • Agri-Fab SmartLINK 41” Curved Blade Aerator

    The Agri-Fab Smart Link 41" Curved Blade Aerator is perfect for light and precise aerating of a lawn.

  • Agri-Fab SmartLINK 42” Tine Dethatcher (needs base)

    Fortunately with the Agri-Fab SmartLINK System this task is made easy. Simply insert the SmartLINK Tine Dethatcher into the Master Platform unit and away you go!

  • Agri-Fab SmartLINK Base

    The Agri Fab Smartlink System is an incredibly innovative system from Agri Fab, which allows different attachments to be fitted to one main attachment. The Agri Fab Smartlink System is ideal for fitting on Lawn and Garden Tractors and other Ride-on Mowers

  • Agri-Fab Towed Drop Spreader

    This Agri-Fab 45-0288 tow behind spreader is a heavy-duty towed drop spreader from Agri-Fab has a rust-resistant poly hopper which has a 175lbs / 17-gallon capacity, which makes it possible to cover up to around one-acre on just one fill .

  • SCH 40 Heavy Duty Carrier

    The heavy duty carrier frame must be purchased in order to use the system. This system is built around the carrying frame. The frame consists of the tow bar, weight tray, two transport wheels and two ballast tanks. The bar is now height adjustable.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Aerator Attachment

    The carrier frame fitted with the heavy duty aerator is an ideal tool for Autumn use breaking down the surface pan of grassed areas, improving drainage and allowing air penetration to the roots.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Brush Attachment

    Two rows of stiff brushes make up this brush attachment. Once fitted to the carrier frame, it will brush in top dressings and lawn sand.It will also put those much-admired stripes into the lawn.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Dethatcher Attachment

    The SCH dethatcher attachment comprises of two rows of staggered shock coiled tines which will tease out heavily matted grass and encourage tillering during the growing season. The DTC can also be used to "freshen up" gravel drives, paths and horse arenas

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Firming Roller Attachment

    The carrier frame fitted with the firming roller is a new addition to the SCH heavy duty system. Its purpose is to "firm up" grassed areas in the spring before the heavy growth period commences.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Lute

    The lute attachment is easily fitted to the heavy duty frame. The lute is a useful tool for levelling soil areas prior to seeding. The lute will level and freshen up sand menages leaving a smooth level surface.

  • SCH 40” Heavy Duty Slitter Attachment

    The carrier frame fitted with the heavy duty slitter is an ideal tool to improve drainage and root growth to grassed areas, especially in late spring and wet summers. Well drained grassed areas will help towards the prevention of moss.

  • SCH 40” Hollow Tine Corer Attachment

    A new hollow tine corer attachment has been added to the existing range of lawn care implements for the 40" (1020mm) system. The HGHT, like the other attachments, fits easily into the carrier frame.

  • SCH 48” Aerator Attachment

    The carrier frame fitted with the aerator attachment is an ideal tool for autumn use breaking down the surface pan of grassed areas, improving drainage and allowing air penetration to the roots.

  • SCH DTSB Budget Trailer

    This Low cost budget trailer is ideal in situations where light to medium duties are required.- The trailer has full tipping facilities. The DTSB trailer runs on 400x8 pneumatic tyres with roller bearing hubs.

  • SCH GWCS9 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer

    The GWCS9 is a versatile sprayer for applying herbicides and fertilisers to both large and small areas with ease. Th four nozzle spray boom is one of the main features of the sprayer. The two outside nozzles are fitted to a break back section of the boom.

  • SCH TS98 Towed Sweeper/Collector

    The TS98 lawn sweeper is robust in construction to withstand prolonged heavy use . A differential mechanism on the brushes allows the sweeper to be manoeuvred in tight corners without the wheels scuffing.


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