• Bateson 2025 Platform Trailer

    The Bateson 2025 Model is the smallest platform trailer with overrun brakes in the range, suitable for use with cars and light vehicles. With a clear 8 by 5 foot platform it is ideal for bulky of palletised loads where side access is requir

    £1,735.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson 2050 Platform Trailer

    The Bateson 2050 Platform Trailer is their largest 2 ton platform trailer

    £2,210.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson 265B Beaver Tail Trailer

    Bateson 265B Beaver Tail Trailer 16 foot long body can be towed by most light commercial vehicles and pickups. It is shown here without the standard 2 ton winch, standard specification has 8? long loading ramps which store beneath the deck.

    £3,100.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson 35H3 Tipping Trailer

    Established in 1934 ,Bateson are one of the UK’s leading trailer manufacturers .The Bateson 35H3 Tipping Trailer is one of a range of trailers we have for sale if interested pleas contact us .

    £3,900.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson 550V Van Trailer

    Bateson 550V Van Trailer is the largest van trailer by Bateson. It has a gross weight of 3500kg. and is suitable for use with comercial vehicles and larger 4 x 4s.

    £5,100.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson 720 Unbraked Trailer

    The Bateson 720 Unbraked is a lightweight fully galvanised general purpose trailer.

    £1,150.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson B84 Unbraked Trailer

    B84 as its name suggests has a clear 2.4 x 1.2m body and will transport 2.4 by 1.2m material, but its primary application is for carrying large quad bikes and grass cutting machines economically.

    £910.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bateson Deauville Horse Trailer

    The Deauville is Bateson’s most popular front unload horse trailer, its generous 7’ 3" headroom allowing horses up to 17hh to be transported.

    £4,300.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Bomford Bandit Flail Mower B1800

    (Please contact for Price)

    Bomford Bandit Flail Mower B1800 The Bandit is aimed at professional users where efficiency and finish are a must.

  • Bomford Buccaneer HDX 225 Rear Push Bar

    (Please contact for Price)

    Suitable for use with tractors of between 40hp to 180hp and features a heavy duty gearbox. The robust build means that the smaller 1.3m cutting machine weighs 658kg while the wider 2.5m model comes in at 2,095Kgs.

  • Bomford CTVM 1600 Flail Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Bomford CTVM has a variable cutting height from 8mm to 130mm, a mountable kerb height of 355mm, sealed bearings and pressed scoop flails.It features a twin V belt drive and interchangeable mounting arms to accommodate a large range of prime movers.

  • Bomford Hawk Arm Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Bomford Hawk Arm Mower is a perfect machine for contractors , farmers or councils for maintaining hedgerows and grounds.

  • Bomford Kestrel E Arm Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    Bomford Kestrel E Arm Mower has been designed to provide significant reach for farmers who need to keep weight in mind whilst retaining the versatile features of a more expensive machine.

  • Bomford Rotary Slasher

    (Please contact for Price)

    Bomford Turner offer a range of flail mowers and rotary toppers from simple grounds-care machines to agricultural-industrial mowers for municipal and airport landscape maintenance.These machines are built with straightforward objectives: quality, function

  • Bomford Sila Bed

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Bomford Sila-Bed. The Sila-Bed distributes material for bedding quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw.

  • Fleming 5ft Landleveller

    The Fleming Landleveller is a highly effective machine, ideal for land reclamation. It leaves the ground with a level surface, safeguarding expensive drilling machinery. The Fleming Landleveller is a low cost method of creating a smooth level sand bed.

    £585.60 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming 8 Ton Tipping Trailer Monocoque

    - Solid construction Monoque body for extra strength - High tip tapered body for clean unloading - Large capacity 8000Kg - 10m

    £8,864.40 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Arena Conditioner

    The Fleming Horse riding Arena Conditioner will loosen and level the most crusted horse paddocks and riding arenas in one pass to leave a firm level surface with an even depth.

    £1,500.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Bale Stacker

    The Fleming Bale Stacker has a bull bar that protects the tractor and gives the driver good visibility when loading bales at a height. The bull bar also protects the plastic and gives clear visibility for collecting the bale.

    £1,142.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Compact Land Roller

    Designed initially for agricultural grassland and cereals, Fleming rollers are now used on a wide variety of applications

  • Fleming Double Bale Tipper

    The Fleming Double Bale Tipper has a Heavy duty main beam made from 120mm reinforced structural box frame, built for the demanding requirements of large scale farming and contracting operations.

    £1,348.80 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Finishing Mower

    All mowers have adjustable cutting height of 1-4” All mowers have floating top link to allow for undulating ground Optional pnuematic wheels Heavy duty chains are standard on all rear discharge models.

    £1,824.00 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Flat Bed Bale Trailer

    Flemings currently have two models in the Flatbed Bale Trailer range. These are the TRF21 (21ft) and the TRF25 (25ft) trailers. The trailers are built to a high standard with high quality materials.

    £10,621.20 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Front Loader Bucket

    The Fleming Front Loader Buckets are made from high quality material and to the highest of standards. Models Available: 1.5M (FLB5) 1.8M (FLB6) 2.1M (FLB7)

    £662.40 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Grass Harrow

    (Please contact for Price)

    Fleming Landlevellers can also be used to level out equestrian centres, race tracks and running tracks.

  • Fleming Heavy Duty All Rubber Scraper

    Available in painted and galvanised finish. A set working width of 2.1m 25mm thick x 500mm rubber high flexible fibre reinforced hard wearing rubber

    £982.80 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Heavy Duty Rotavator

    The Fleming Sicma Heavy Duty Rotavators construction makes them an extremely sturdy machine. This means that they are suitable for working in horticultural conditions and for work on medium farms.

    £4,491.60 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Hydraulic Lifting Rollers

    Fleming Agri-Products have developed a range of hydraulic lifting, water ballast landrollers and are currently the market leaders in the UK and Ireland.

  • Fleming In Line Topper 9ft

    The Fleming In-Line Grass Topper Range has a durable and sturdy design which makes it the perfect machine for use on agricultural land as well as for use on playing fields etc.

    £4,101.60 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Mini Muck Spreader

    1 Cubic yard capacity (MINIMUCK) The Minimuck is the smallest form of muck spreader that Fleming Agri-Products currently offer. It was manufactured to provide an easy form of access to stables, byres and other places where standard muck spreaders wo

  • Fleming Round Bale Grab

    Large diameter 75mm clamping arms, grab a larger proportion of the bale than any other grabber, giving more positive grip and better bale protection Strong enough to be used on a mechanical handler, light enough to be used on a tractor loader

    £1,262.40 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Single Bale Tipper

    Fleming?s are the only company to offer a Heavy Duty Single Bale Lifter for contracting use and a Standard Single Lifter for normal farming use The Fleming Standard Bale Tipper has a 90mm structural box frame with reinforced side plates

    £447.60 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Super Float Grass Topper

    The Fleming Superfloat Grass Topper range is made to the highest of standards and with high quality materials. The Superfloat Grass Topper range is designed for use on parklands, sports fields, airports, equestrian centres and for agricultural usage.

  • Fleming Superfloat Grasstopper

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Fleming Superfloat Grass Topper range is made to the highest of standards and with high quality materials. The Superfloat Grass Topper range is designed for use on parklands, sports fields, airports, equestrian centres and for agricultural usage.

  • Fleming Tipping Trailer

    The Fleming Tipping Trailer range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use.

    £5,965.20 (excl. VAT)
  • Fleming Universal Single Bale Spike

    The Fleming Universal Single Bale Spike is designed to pierce the bale of straw or silage 300mm (12”) below the centre of the bale so that the main weight of the bale is supported by the heavy duty tines for secure and safe transport.

    £346.80 (excl. VAT)
  • Major MJ71-400T Winged Rollermower

    (Please contact for Price)

    ability to lift the unit whilst travelling, to avoid kerbs or other obstacles without having to stop the tractor, leads to safer transportation. This is the ideal mower for contractors, turf farms and local authority with vast green spaces to maintain.

  • Major MJ71-190 Rollermower

    (Please contact for Price)

    An exceptional single deck mower that gives a consistently high quality of cut, even in the toughest of conditions, thanks in part to a blade overlap of 60mm. Gear driven with low maintenance, these mowers deliver improved and consistent mowing

  • Major Alpine Slurry Tanker

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Alpine tanker design is based on the contractor LGP specification, but with a dropped axle to give a low centre of gravity. This results in less ground pressure than standard axle tankers and minimal ground damage even in wet conditions.

  • Major Centre Mounted Topper

    (Please contact for Price)

    The MAJOR Centre Mounted Topper is a fully gear driven machine fitted with high speed rotors and twin cut swinging blades. The 909HD Topper is a heavier duty version of the 9FTGDXHD topper and features extra heavy duty gearboxes.

  • Major Eagle Wing Grass Topper

    (Please contact for Price)

    The MAJOR 490EW grass topper is the machine of choice for grassland and setaside areas and for military authorities for cutting training areas and bases. It is also suitable for use by airports for inner runway maintenance and at racecourses and stud far

  • Major Finishing Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    The MAJOR Finishing Mower is perfect for large lawns, estates, parks, golf courses and municipal maintenance. It is easily connected to the tractors 3 point linkage to have the machine ready for operation in minutes

  • Major Flail Mower MJ22

    (Please contact for Price)

    The MAJOR MJ22 Flail is a sturdy and compact shredder/flail mower with standard 3 point linkage (rear or front mounted).

  • Major Jungle Buster

    (Please contact for Price)

    MAJOR Jungle Buster is designed for heavy duty brush and scrub cutting. This machine is robustly constructed with a 10mm deck and a heavy duty 3-blade system.

  • Spearhead 430 Multicut

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Multicut 430 is an entry level, mounted wide area mower capable of high output in varied conditions from parkland to open pasture. The machine features three rotors, each with double blade holders and robust 13 millimetre thick spring steel blades

  • Spearhead Flail Mower R Series R190

    (Please contact for Price)

    Designed for agricultural and municipal use and capable of cutting material up to 50 millimetres in thickness the R Series is perfect for the maintenance of farmland and pasture to a high and consistent standard.

  • Spearhead Multicut 160 & 200 Rotary Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    The Multicut 160 & 200 are the toughest rotary swipes of their kind – designed and manufactured in Great Britain without any compromise on quality to provide a heavy duty and robust vegetation maintenance machine.

  • Spearhead Twiga Classic

    (Please contact for Price)

    Our Twiga Classic series offers long term output, robustness and durability – perfect for farmers, contractors and local authorities.

  • Teagle Dynamo 6 Roller Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    Teagle Dynamo 6 Roller Mower Outstanding Performance Overlapping rotors ensure 100% cutting over the full width to produce a high quality professional finish. Fit the optional mulching kit for a finer finish.

  • Teagle Park Flail Mower

    (Please contact for Price)

    Teagle Park Flail Mower Available in five cut widths from 1.15m, 1.25m, 1.45m, 1.6m to 1.80m Suitable for mulching grass and material up to 2cm From 20HP to 40HP / Category 1 linkage PTO speed 540 rpm

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